Core Values

Character Traits (Outcomes)

  • Demonstrates a sense of awe and wonder for the creative and redemptive work of God.
  • Demonstrates an abiding passion for learning.
  • Responds wisely and with poise to challenges to their Christian faith.
  • Is able to persevere in the face of challenge and adversity.
  • Serves faithfully in a local church.
  • Demonstrates courage and faithfulness.
  • Respects authority and demonstrates love and humility to others.

Intellectual Traits (Outcomes)

  • Understands Scripture as the story of God’s plan to redeem His people in Christ throughout human history.
  • Understands Scripture as the means by which God conveys the truth of what Christians are to believe and the truth of what duties God requires of His people.
  • Has studied and gained an appreciation for the great books and ideas that have shaped the Western tradition.
  • Has a strong foundation in core academic disciplines, including a thorough knowledge of rhetoric, logic, and Latin.
  • Appreciates the order and beauty of the arts (physical, performing, visual).
  • Reasons clearly and engages the culture with a strong personal faith.
  • Writes and speaks eloquently and persuasively.

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Upper School

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Grammar School

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