“ELF” Senior Prank

Have you heard about “senior pranks”? Well, it happened at New Covenant Christian School last week! Our wonderful seniors decided to bless the rest of us with their prank. They started with the question “Mrs. Armstrong, have you seen the movie Elf?”… They arrived on Sunday night with arms full of boxes and bags. They hung snowflakes, blew up balloons, decorated every classroom and every hallway so that it looked like a winter wonderland. When the underclassmen arrived on Monday morning, they were greeted by seniors dressed as elves who were playing Christmas music! These dear students achieved exactly what they had hoped! Everyone smiled as they walked the halls and everyone was blessed.

Merry Christmas to all. Our hope is that you know Jesus Christ and that you join us in rejoicing at His birth. Come and visit us in 2016. Help us to grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.