Partnership between church and school

When I get into a discussion with other administrators about church-sponsored schools I realize anew how blessed we are.  Our church (New Covenant Presbyterian) could not be more supportive of our efforts to provide an excellent education!  Prayer warriors prayed during this past school year for every grade  in our school (Preschool through twelfth grade).  NCPC members came to every event and Open House.  New Covenant’s Pastor introduced our Grammar School students to worship during chapel every Wednesday.

The Deacons of New Covenant told us last week that they are going to replace the fence around our playground.  I looked at that wooden-slat fence…What did I find?  The names of members of the NCPC congregation who donated money to fund the playground twenty years ago.  Their names were engraved on the slats.  What a testimony to the neighborhood and what a mighty show of support for the endeavor which would eventually educate hundreds of children in the Harford County area.  Thank you members of New Covenant Presbyterian Church for your love and support and for your many years of partnership.