Grammar School

Classical Academics

We offer a high quality classical education for children of all ages, from preschool through high school.  We are grounded in the time-tested classical approach to education. Students naturally progress through four stages of education:

Pre-Grammar (Kindergarten-Second Grade): Basic math and literacy skills, including a phonics-based reading program.

Grammar (Grades Three-Six):  Building a foundation of knowledge in classic literature, math, grammar, history, the Bible and more.

Logic (Grades Seven-Nine):  Training students in how to think and reason logically, both formally and informally, in every subject area.

Rhetoric (Grades Ten-Twelve): Developing students’ ability to communicate truth persuasively in every area of life.

We believe that as students move through these stages, they build a foundation of knowledge, develop true understanding and then learn to cultivate wisdom.  Knowledge, understanding and wisdom are the three elements of Biblical education.  CLICK HERE for more information.

“For the Lord, gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.” Proverbs 2:6 (ESV)

Spiritual and Social Development

Life is more than academics.  A Classical education prepares children for all areas of life. At New Covenant Christian School, we disciple our students to be followers of Jesus Christ in many ways:

  • Bible Classes
  • Daily Prayer and Weekly Chapel
  • Community Service
  • Leadership
  • Social Events and Activities

Grammar School

Our Grammar School includes children in kindergarten through sixth grade. A typical day begins at 8:30 a.m. with memory period for grades two though six, while the kindergarten and first graders have opening and recitation. During memory period, the children sing, chant, and recite together. Latin instruction begins in third grade, and our students in third through six have a minimum of three hours of formal Latin instruction each week. Special area classes include physical education, music and art. Once a week, each class visits our school library where they can choose from over 7,000 cataloged books.


New Covenant currently maintains one of the only half-day kindergarten programs in Harford County.* Our five year olds have Art, Music and Physical education instruction and they still have time to learn phonics and basic Math facts.

*In the fall of 2019, NCCS kindergarten will become a full day program. Please call our office for more information on this exciting expansion!

Kindergarten Plus*

…Providing the perfect complement to the kindergarten day.

In an effort to help working parents, NCCS has K-Plus (a supplement to our rigorous kindergarten program). Your child will have time to do extra craft projects and science experiments, to play with a smaller group of children and to hear stories related to their academic day. The daily schedule also includes a “rest” time. K-Plus children eat lunch with the Grammar School students then are dismissed to the kindergarten room and stay with their teacher until 3:00PM

*Due to the change to full day kindergarten in the fall of 2019, our Kindergarten Plus program will continue only through the spring of 2019.

Would you like to learn more?

CLICK HERE for the Grammar School Handbook

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Parents are welcome to visit the school, see the classroom and facilities, and observe a class in progress. If you would like to schedule a visit, please call our Grammar School Office Manager, Kathy Heeter at 443-512-0771 ext. 106 or by e-mail at

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