Tis’ The Season Preschool Parents

Preschool Parents, Can I give you a quick word to the wise? Right now, in this busy time, be sure to stay consistent.  Your preschooler needs regular bed times, regular rules and absolute “Yesses” and “nos”.  It is easier to give in when a little one is whining, or begging or crying in the store (or any other public place) but, resist the urge to do that.  Let him/her know your expectations before you leave the house and hold to them.  If your child is not being obedient to you, there should be consequences.  You are not being mean, you are helping them learn that there are boundaries that must be maintained.  You will be tired too.  Holding to the rules of bedtime, polite behavior and respect for authority will be a blessing to you and to your child now and for years to come.

     Thank you to all those who came to the Kindergarten Information night last month. I hope all of your questions were answered.  Our 2017-2018 kindergarten class is beginning to fill up.     What a joy it is to see our preschoolers stay and grow right here at New Covenant!
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