Classical Difference: Alumni Update

New Covenant has been a member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools for many years.  This year, in order to promote Classical-Christian education, they began a publication called The Classical Difference.  I am happy to say that in the Spring, 2016 edition there is a great article about one of our graduates (Katie Bascom- class of 2011)  Check out the magazine and the “Alumni Profile”.  Here is just one great quote from the article:

Katie is the kind of scholar who would have excelled with the right books and a park bench for a school. However, she credits her teachers at New Covenant, noting that, “In every subject, learning was through reading, looking for the author’s intent and making inferences. Each teacher developed those processes in my brain.” She added that her Latin studies taught her how to decline nouns, conjugate verbs, and grow accustomed to learning a language with a different syntax and set of rules. Thus her Latin studies enabled her ability to become conversant in Russian.

No doubt about it, the curriculum and the teachers at NCCS are awesome!!